Hearth Form Build and Set

This has been a week full of great visitors. Ayla and Tim stayed with us for a few days and filled the house with all sorts of bustling activity– they cooked, baked, knitted, dropped quarters from their cracks, and carved. It was good to have them around during the rainy, soggy days. While it was exciting to have my materials delivered, I quickly discovered they were the wrong materials, which took away the excitement. The problem finally was corrected today.

I figured out a good form design for my octagonal hearth and build the form for it. I decided to incorporate a larger, more pronounced over hang on the front of the oven. As you can see, the re-bar build for the associated loads is probably a bit overboard. Re-bar is half-inch, roughly every 8 inches. Wire is a mix of 6×6 and garden fencing. The bottom is ‘Hardi-backer’ cement board, which I’ll just leave in place after the concrete sets. I punched holes in it to form little joints with the cinder block base for added stability. The Crisco is there because I used it as a release agent. Finally, a good use for trans-fats.


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