Plans for Mobile Pizza Truck


after several discussion over delicious (though somewhat messy) pizza out of the Ancram Oven, I’ve decided to press full speed ahead with plans to start a business this summer in Hudson. I’m currently on the search for an older diesel step van, which I plan to outfit with a licensed kitchen and prep area, in addition to a concrete cast refractory wood-fired oven of my own design. I’ve attached the initial SketchUp model that I’ve been playing around with as a tool for brainstorming. Please stay tuned!



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2 Responses to Plans for Mobile Pizza Truck

  1. Kamron Coleman says:

    Hi Sam,

    Called it a day early today to go see a fireworks show with the kids, so I will be working tomorrow and less available to chat on the phone than I’d like to be. I saw your blog and sure enjoy it. We have spent the last several weeks on a new product. The first in the series is done now and I am waiting a few days before setting it up. I think based on your truck plans that the new oven will provide some very appropriate ideas. I also had a thought specific to your puropses before seeing your design that I want to propose as well. I ask that you give me a week to set up the new item and send a picture to you, and then perhaps we will be able to have the most informative discussion.

    Carry on with the adventurous work.

  2. Dave Hayes says:

    Great fun here. Thanks for the time on the rides and for sharing a bit of Spain with us.

    Hope to see you in the states sometime and wish you well. I’ve already sent this link to my wife.


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