Thought I’d post some photos of recent activity. I’ve shut inside doing research on my design and materials for most of the past two weeks, which is driving me a little mad. Fortunately, Sam Merrett of Full Circle Fuels came to my rescue and got me going on a nice juicy hands-on project. I rewired some of the rat’s nest of a wiring job from the last crazy owner, and put in a new brake line going to the back brakes.

Now it’s at Scott’s Aluminum, having the front end straightened out and the windshields replaced. They also fixed an electrical issue related to faulty wiring.

The next step is to take it to someone who can double check that the engine is doing OK, fix the loose brake calipers in back, and get it inspected for a NY state registration.

In other developments, I’ve trying to experiment with my dough production. See some of the bubbling action below. That batch was all naturally leavened, which is amazing considering how active it is.

Lastly, I’ve been spending a lot of time considering my oven options, wanting to create an oven that opens up to the side so that customers can have a real experience of open flame as they approach the order window.¬† Unfortunately, I got almost universally negative feedback from many of the premier masonry heater experts in North America, via email. So I’ve decided to go back to the traditional “black” single chamber design, and arrange the flow of pizza ordering so that customers still have an experience of the wood-fired baking process. Below is a copy of the doomed design. Updated layout sketches will be coming soon!


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