Trials, Tribulations, and Looky-Looky!

This grumpy man is my friend Elliot.  He has a laugh that would make you laugh, too.  He flew all the way out here from Tucson, Arizona to help out my sorry situation for ten days. What I told Elliot was that he makes me feel like the impossible is possible. I was ready to steer clear of plumbing all together, but the Dumontian casual optimism won over.  It’s amazing what we’re capable of when we let ourselves believe it.  He’s also patient when I’m bossy – (I am the boss) – or obsessive or strange. He’s nerdier than he looks. The first thing he says when he wakes up – (yes, we shared a futon) – is: “Damn, I’m good looking”

We spent Elliot’s first weekend at the MONOME CHAMBER farm (see the above device). Kelli and Brian invited us to take care of Eiffel the dog, Cousteau the cat, two goats, and sixteen chickens while they were gone. I had to give the driveway canopy a haircut to fit Edwin onto the property. What a beautiful place it was:

This is the downside of my unlucky inheritance of Edwin’s past. As was emphasized by our harrowing evening journey through the mountains back to Hudson. The rats nest of wiring in Edwin’s foamy brain is a serious situation. Elliot and I enjoyed a very proud MacGuiver moment when the lights went out completely after an hour of flickering. Using our sheer ingenuity (insert Dumontian optimism), a pocketknife, and a flashlight, we hardwired the left headlight directly to the battery terminals to make it home. Elliot spent the rest of the time in Hudson speaking with the automotive service headquarters back in Tucson (his Dad, Chip).  And we got to play with K.O. and her visiting friend Sarah, a brainiac from Montreal!

Lookie-Lookie! This is the graphic design Cara and I cooked up:



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2 Responses to Trials, Tribulations, and Looky-Looky!

  1. mark orton says:

    The question here in Hudson is when will the graphics become less virtual and the pizza ready to eat?

    • bikedrumtao says:

      Mark! Thanks or your interest. That is the question I have of course been asking myself for months now. My goal is to be open for Winter Walk on December Third. I need to hear back from the City about my vendor license and to meet with the County Health Department to be approved. Graphics need to be added. Floor Mats inside. Waste Tank mounted & connected with Heat Mat. Water Pump Troubleshooted. Rear Counter Welded. Bumper Painted. The list goes on. But I think it will happen! See you then?

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