Final Pizza Tests Before Big Opening: WINTER WALK

My opening date is declared. December Third. The walk of doom? Could be. There is a lot still to pull together. For readers who don’t know, winter walk

transforms Hudson’s commercial district into a festive thoroughfare where both the traditional and the quirky mingle to create a celebration unlike any other.  Acknowledged as one of the premier holiday events in the Hudson Valley, Winter Walk attracts visitors from near and far who join the residents of this small, energetic river town to revel in the delights of the evening.

Horse-drawn wagons will provide rides around Seventh Street Park and at Fourth and Warren Streets.  And there will be plenty of action on the street, with Sax-o-Claus, a Tin Soldier on Stilts, the walking Gingerbread Boy, and Victorian Carolers all contributing to the mix.  In the animal realm, live reindeer will once more be on display below 3rd Street, and this year (weather permitting) miniature horses are available for petting and admiring at 5th and Warren.

Photo by Robert Burns Edwin the pizza truck will make his debut. We will be swamped. My A-Team right now includes Sara Kendall and Sam Merritt on ‘fire duty’ and order-taking/boxing/distribution.  And yes, we have discovered, quite happily, that three people can comfortably fit in the kitchen. Much remains to be done but I think it will all come together. Mark Orton, a local business consultant, was kind enough to visit the truck during a donation dinner that I did last night and snapped some pictures for me. I’ve included them below. Everything went pretty smoothly. We had some inconsistencies in the exact firing of the pizzas, but for the most part, they were good. My dough techniques and timing continue to improve. Sara and Sam are getting to know just how the oven behaves and how to keep it at a perfect temperature. Each time I’ve done a donation meal, more people come visit and there’s always some new luxury to enjoy in terms of truck development. Running Water. Music. Fire implement-holder thingies. More pizza peels. Oil dispenser. Onward and upward.

Sara tends to the fire. I am shaping some dough.

A pie is boxed for it's journey from the hearth to empty hands to chewing chamber to the belly

Canadian Steve, the Sicilian, loyal customer, places his order

Dough is streched, dusted with flour, lifted onto conmealed-wooden peels, topped, and shiffled into the oven.


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